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Many NGOs and activists have emerged over the years around the menstrual hygiene health component and a lot of emphasis is put on what is important; that is the menstrual pad. It is all about how blood flows and soaks or soils leaving the girl child or woman in a stigmatizing scenario. It is factual that the flow should be well managed to avoid humiliation. However the hormonal ‘jingle bells’ are a factor not to lose sight off. These are the reasons mood swings happen and a girl or woman may think sexually rather than rationally since the hormones (Estrogen) trigger libido. This is often a cause for unwanted pregnancies. Managing the side effects of the hormones requires a lot of psychosocial support, counseling and self awareness which unfortunately is not of high priority in menstrual health.

Pain management is another concern that greatly affects performance during the menstrual cycle and popping pills may not be the solution rather one once again taming their urges for foods that stimulate such pain. This also emerges with the urgency of exercising the body, massaging the affected part and having the right diet. Unfortunately menstrual cravings pre or during the period are quite tempting and one would like to gulp a soda or more or gnaw away at all the chocolate they can get.

The menstrual health campaign can only be complete is girls and women are mentored on self management and how to tame their urges and cravings as well as the right diet needed to make the period less achy. Having a pad is not enough if the pains cannot allow one to focus and excel. And if the hormones are making the girl or woman more sensual than normal.


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