Nature Heals

Nature Heals

Nature Heals blends the concept of health, environment and agriculture into discussions as well as interventions for mitigation, preservation and innovation.
CEIL cherishes Environment Preservation and agriculture thus promotin activities including fruit, food and medicinal tree afforestation approaches to boost nutrition and environment benefits in schools and communities.
The organization works in collaboration with government and like-minded non governmental organizations to promote agriculture, health, WASH and environment initiatives as well as policy visibility.
CEIL has a knack for innovation and promotes natural remedies in health, agriculture and environment as well as engages in action researching about them.
Nature Heals operates as a blog and events hotspot disemminating Information and generating knowledge. Best practices are also part of the discourse.

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Cause Effect Initiative Limited has environment as one of its core interests given the fact that the environment provides the medicinal, nutritional and life supporting therapy humanity needs and yet humanity has turned guns of what matters more. As the…


"Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance." Ban Ki-Moon Former UN Secretary General. Development simply put is about… incomplete menstrual campaign

Many NGOs and activists have emerged over the years around the menstrual hygiene health component and a lot of emphasis is put on what is important; that is the menstrual pad. It is all about how blood flows and soaks…

Re-awakening The Focus For Menstrual Health Campaign In Uganda

Menstruation is a vital part of a woman that crowns her reproductive potential and yet it ensues a charge of uncertainty that society shrouds in the possibility of humiliation. In 2014 working under the Network for Water and Sanitation I…

UTIs On The Toilet Seat, a Major Hazard For Women In Uganda

When the genitals itch and the passage of urine is frequent but awful. Then the possibility of a Urinary Tract Infections is evident. It comes with discomfort, odour and also disorganizes the health body mode. Yet sit on toilets remain…

Death of a Forest And Death of Humanity Coming

Death of a Forest And Death of Humanity Coming How does a person terminate an air cleansing force and bring in an air pollution tank? The reality resonates with the choice of eating large while neglecting a healthy supply of…

The Hippocratic Oath or Hypocrites Oath

The Hippocratic Oath or Hypocrites Oath The COVID pandemic may have finally exposed the level of hypocrisy in medical practice. The Ugandan case indicates hospitals charging up to 126 million Ugandan shillings for the release of a patient or corpse.…

Nature as the Biggest Investment Ever

Invest in nature a reap health, wealth, comfort and happiness. That is easily pronounced than done. Today there is more talk about climate change than an acceleration on action being taken. In Uganda the forest and wetland cover drops at…