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Invest in nature a reap health, wealth, comfort and happiness. That is easily pronounced than done. Today there is more talk about climate change than an acceleration on action being taken. In Uganda the forest and wetland cover drops at a high rate each year. Between 2000 and 2015 National Forest Authority records indicate the loss of 1.33 million hectares of forests. Wetlands such as Lwera, Katonga and Lubigi among others are nearing extinction. 

This translates to lowering the privilege of quality fresh air, a cool atmosphere, growth of indigenous trees and herbs as well as  predicatable weather pattern among other benefits. 

The loss seems small compared to the cash got from draining the wetlands and deforestation for quick settlement, factory set ups and timber sells. Preventing encroachers seems heartless since the land and short term economic benefit is there. 

But when all is destroyed and an increase of poisonous gases is on the loose, water is scarce, diseases are rampant, precious tree and plant species are no longer existing. Then it comes to mind nature is indeed the biggest investment. 

Humanity depends on nature for food, medicine, shelter and raw materials for product development. When nature is plundered by humanity it is best decribed as self sabotage.


  • Dr. Linda Lilian

    Dr. Linda Lilian is a seasoned communication specialist with experience in action research and learning, knowledge Management, Environment advocacy, health (water, sanitation, and health) mitigation, and innovation as well as gender plus leadership initiatives. With a passion for causing positive transformation. She holds a Master's Degree in Ethics and Public Management, a Diploma in Health Studies, and a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Political Science.

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