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By Dr. Linda Lilian

As World Toilet day comes back to the fore this year. It is important that one of the challenges most women and girls face is addressed. That is infections picked off contaminated toilet sits. The rate of infections has gone up in recent years yet the toilet concern is not addressed. Women and girls have to experience the UTI discomfort as well as illness more regularly if toilet hygiene is not addressed. Squat toilets would be ideal to curb the infection rate; however toilet cleansers/sanitizers are an important ingredient as well in preventing toilet related infections yet most toilets lack them.

Celebrating World Toilet Day is best crowned with the message of ‘keep the toilets clean and well sanitized to prevent infections.’


  • Dr. Linda Lilian

    Dr. Linda Lilian is a seasoned communication specialist with experience in action research and learning, knowledge Management, Environment advocacy, health (water, sanitation, and health) mitigation, and innovation as well as gender plus leadership initiatives. With a passion for causing positive transformation. She holds a Master's Degree in Ethics and Public Management, a Diploma in Health Studies, and a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Political Science.

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