God tolerates what many cannot

Try reflecting on this:

If you were the prodigal sons parent would you easily take him back with a feast after he fiercely demanded for his inheritance and then squandered it (read Luke 15:11-32).

If you were Jesus would you want to associate with a short man with a reputation of cheating on taxes and over charging citizens, siting on a sycamore tree (Luke 19:1-10).

Would you tolerate the touch of a prostitute anointing your feet in a public scenario; as if you were her next exploit (Luke 7:36-50).

Parents have denounced their children for the prodigal sons kind of act.

People shun the corrupt and try to keep them at arms length.

People shun prostitute and would not like their names linked to their sordid craft.

But God receives all these people – giving them another chance to be sons, daughters and models according to his purpose for the glory of his creation.

If God can tolerate the worst and make an invitation for them to be restored to his purpose – what about you or the greatest sinner acclaimed in the neighbourhood.

A Prayer of Restoration

The thief at the cross recognising you Jesus as Lord even amidst the worst circumstance is me – so in your name Jesus I come repentant before God – welcome me back into the glory of God I pray

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