Factory Fumes Gradually To Chock Residents
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Factory Fumes Gradually To Chock Residents

Allergies and Respiratory Threats As Factory Fumes Ooze

Dark factory fumes are a clear indicator of air pollution most representing chemical vapours and huge sums of carbondioxide and other dangrous gases. As the population of factories grows in Uganda. The country should be ready to manage more illnesses emerging from the pollution if environmental protection laws are not enforced. 

The Hesperian Health Guide indicates that whereas factories produce resourceful products, the also come with the price of pollution. The guide notes that factories have the capability of releasing dangerous chemicals in the air, water and ground. These cause serous health complications ranging from cancer, respiratory disorders and allergies. The Health Guide also states that factory fumes can travel across miles therefore harming more than one community.

Technology is in place that could alleviate this effect such as the use of wet scrubbers that are envisaged to eliminate up-to 99% of the contaminant and filters which may not remove all but some of the pollutants. 

Even if the pollution reduction options are available, not all investors are keen to uphold them and both the community as well as government must enforce environmental care, in order to save lives and reduce the cost of managing diseases and disorders.