Death of a Forest And Death of Humanity Coming

Death of a Forest And Death of Humanity Coming

How does a person terminate an air cleansing force and bring in an air pollution tank? The reality resonates with the choice of eating large while neglecting a healthy supply of oxygen. This translates to one dying fast but with a full tummy. The deforestation rate in Uganda over the years has ranked high and in place of the forests cut are uprising factories with unfiltered emissions. The Global Forest Watch indicates that In 2020 Uganda lost 73.6kha of tree cover, equivalent to 36.0Mt of CO₂ of emissions. The country however boasts of an increase in factories which would be good if proper environmental mitigation interventions are made. Where mitigation of the health risks is not done death and painful diseases are inevitable.

From cries about Mabira forest and Bugoma Forest going down and more. There urgency for reafforestation using natural wood lots is significant. Considering the natural forest serves as an air cleanser. However, where factories have been constructed there is an urgent need to terminate pollutants onsite so that they do not spread and contaminate the environment. There is a need for safe raw materials and technology to be used in production as well.

Otherwise, there is a thin line between death and development. Keeping in mind that development without health is another hell hole that many hate to contend with. Thus the integration of health, environment, and development becoming a more significant area to explore.

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