“From Afar it was all smiles but at a close range there was nothing of substance”

Dr. Linda Lilian
She had 1 million views and likes but died alone. Sounds familiar. 

The social media is a wondrous tool that connects humans across all walks of life and countries. The advantage is immense if the user is gifted to have the audience emotionally attuned to them beyond the click. The disadvantage is people are there just by the click and gone. Its a momentous activity that would break a heart, if one focused on the audience on social media as legit. 

For instance running a political campaign that has 20 million views online does not translate to 20 million votes most times. Up to 90% chance indicates these are netizens and not citizens, not able to go the extra mile to cause a positive action but rather are mesmerized to by it all. 

Social media takes the word around pretty fast but does not give the much needed social intimacy desired for hands on somber moments. 

In 2021 more than one social media influencer committed suicide yet they had massive following. The down side of it all is the followers could have the suicide moment as a show as well and watch the influencer end it all and life goes on. 

Social media is a great tool of communication yet it is also a plug out point off the course of reality. While the user may genuinely present their hearts out the recipients become an audience watching some kind of reality show. 

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