Dark factory fumes are a clear indicator of air pollution most representing chemical vapours and huge sums of carbondioxide and other dangrous gases. As the population of factories grows in Uganda.

OPINION: How Ugandan Roads Are a Near Death Experience

Sustainable Development Goal 3 on Good Health and Wellbeing declares that by 2020 the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents would be reduced. This is a delightful goal that has been bypassed by events because it is 2022 and Ugandan roads have death nets rather than safety nets or regulation.

UTIs On The Toilet Seat, a Major Hazard For Women In Uganda

When the genitals itch and the passage of urine is frequent but awful. Then the possibility of a Urinary Tract Infections is evident. It comes with discomfort, odour and also disorganizes the health body mode. Yet sit on toilets remain popular in toilet shared public zones, offices, restaurants, school and more.

Death of a Forest And Death of Humanity Coming

How does a person terminate an air cleansing force and bring in an air pollution tank? The reality resonates with the choice of eating large while neglecting a healthy supply of oxygen. This translates to one dying fast but with a full tummy.

The Hippocratic Oath or Hypocrites Oath

The COVID pandemic may have finally exposed the level of hypocrisy in medical practice. The Ugandan case indicates hospitals charging up to 126 million Ugandan shillings for the release of a patient or corpse. Just like all medical practitioners, worldwide Ugandan medical practitioners take the Hippocratic Oath which stipulates among other ethical values the value of not causing harm to the patients.

Boosting Livelihood Through Trainings

CEIL serves to transform communities by supporting them to gain skills that boost their entrepreneurship. Recently CEIL sponsored a group of women from the Holy Temple Church located in Namasuba for a training in bakery at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute.