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The Hippocratic Oath or Hypocrites Oath

The COVID pandemic may have finally exposed the level of hypocrisy in medical practice. The Ugandan case indicates hospitals charging up to 126 million Ugandan shillings for the release of a patient or corpse. Just like all medical practitioners, worldwide Ugandan medical practitioners take the Hippocratic Oath which stipulates among other ethical values the value of not causing harm to the patients.

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Cross (2013) in his thesis on Community Policing Through Local Collective Action in Tanzania noted that Nyumba Kumi was a strategy for governments to eradicate lawlessness and insecurity by creating a ten cell leadership system under ten households with a team leader.

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Leadership Communication And Public Action Or Inaction: The Case Of Covid Spread

Communication makes a big difference in leadership because it transfers ideas, facilitates information exchange, enables interaction and consolidates courses of action. In leadership communication there is an exchange of information, advice and opinions between experts, community leaders, officials and the people.

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Role of Plants in the Management of the Coronavirus

As the World stands still in awe of the COVID Panic, there is no doubt that plants have a lot to do with the healing and prevention process. Whereas it is heralded that there is no cure for COVID 19, Nutrition has also been mentioned by the World Health Organisation. This includes the use of fruits and vegetables to boost body immunity against infection.